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Fear & Fail events designed for/by entrepreneurs

" How do you feel when a group of enthusiastic entrepreneurs get international recognition? How do you feel if what they are producing is design to help people?
Congrats Blitab!
We’ll miss Kristina and Slavi at our meetup in Vienna, but we are prod to count with Stanislav as our new fearless speaker! "

- Learn more about the award [here]

Stanislav Slavev, is a young entrepreneur and co-founder of Blitab. He studies at FH Technikum Wien. He’s passion for learning makes him a “multitasking” man. His inspiration is the cause that Blitab represents; he believes in attitude as the key to the the doors of achievement. He values Innovation and Persistence as tools on his path to success.

Petra Škarja shared with the audience her inspiring story of failure. At a moment in her life, not long ago, she lost everything she had, the only thing left was a debt. A day after that happened, she decided to act and not let the circumstances take control of her life. In a week she had written a book, a commercial success in Slovenia and a catapult to foreign markets. She now enjoys of freedom and happiness. At the end she surprised us telling us her biggest fear.

Matija Bolčina started the event telling his story of fear & failure. He decided to embrace an organization/ideology that finally made him feel economically tricked. He wanted to go out but his fear was: How to accept I was wrong after defending so much why I decided to participate?
After stepping out, he was afraid of “I told you so” kind of attitude from family and friends, but instead he received a wholehearted welcome. The power of his decision went beyond that. Today he is a skateboard trainer, musician and member of Ustvarjalnik, an organization that supports and encourages entrepreneurship to young students.

"Deep in my heart I just know I have so much to offer the world. Like each of us I have my unique life story. I will do my best to share it in a way to inspire you, contribute to growth. I am only 25, so I don’t have many life experiences and wisdom. But I had two big breakdowns in my life - these were my biggest challenges and also my biggest blessings: they made me the person I am today." - Petra Škarja